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Technical SEO Service That Really Knows What It’s Doing

In order for your website to get a high rank position on the search engine ranking pages (SERP), you will need a high quality technical SEO service. 

You probably already tried a couple and got burned. Maybe you believed the overnight promises that they made or they just didn’t have the skills they claimed.

Technical SEO report

We know that SEO is hard work and it takes a while to start seeing results. That’s why our technical SEO experts are offering their know-how and experience that will help your business get more quality traffic online, generate more leads and grow your sales.

Our team will help you handle every aspect of technical SEO analysis for your site, including:

There are ton of possible issues that your website can get by time and google updates, technologies update etc.

We placed numbers of automated tools like ahrefs, semrush, screaming-frog and our expert eyes on each move of industry and save your business before getting fall.

In other words, we will help you with all the things that you might think of as “too nerdy”. And while we help you with that, you can focus on more interesting stuff like finding new ways to improve your product and service for your customers.

List of Technical issues that discovered by SEO Community’s in more than 20 Years

Analysis Time ( *Depends on number of pages)  3 hours.

Internal pages Issue

  1. Connection Timed out

    Requested pages / resources are not responded by server with time.
    This may harm your site crawlability (and consequently indexability) and negatively affect the client experience.

  2. 500 Internal Server Error

    Pages / resources that return 500 Error response code.

  3. 5xx error codes

    5XX error code indicate server-side errors where your website’s server has been unsuccessful in performing a pages / resources request, for whatever reason
    Most Common 5xx error codes
    500 Internal Server Error
    501 Not Implemented
    502 Bad Gateway
    503 Service Unavailable
    504 Gateway Timeout
    505 HTTP Version Not Supported
    506 Variant Also Negotiates
    507 Insufficient Storage
    509 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded
    510 Not Extended

  4. 404 error pages

    404 error pages – most common 4xx errors and indicates that the requested pages / resources does not exist , deleted or broken.

  5. 4xx error codes

    4xx error codes indicate that the requested page / resource are not accessible.
    Most Common 4xx error codes
    – Unauthorized
    403 – Forbidden
    408 – Request Timeout
    404 – Not Found are the most common “Client Errors”

  6. Has only one followed internal linking URL

    Page Url that is only linked one time as a internal link from all available website pages / resources. less internal link make harder for search engine bots in crawl page content and indexing them.

  7. URL is orphaned and was not found by the crawler

    Url those are not founded in simple web crawl , but founded in sitemap, google analytics or search console. these are possible removed url due to mistakes/hacked/migration issue/ or some kind of bug.

  8. URLs with duplicate page titles

    Url having same title as other indexable pages as exact match duplicate.

  9. Canonicalized URL in XML Sitemaps

    same page /resources available as duplicate with Canonicalized. this issue can cause due to wrong AMP setup.

  10. Has incoming followed links that do not use descriptive anchor text

    Anchor text like “click here’, go’, ‘here’, ‘view’, ” that is not using proper descriptive text.
    this issue can cause lot of traffic loss due to wrong anchor text optimization and stop website in getting ranked for good keywords.

  11. URLs with duplicate h1s

    Pages that have multiple H1 tag in one page/post.
    that can cause of keyword cannibalization and confuse search engine to ranking on targeted keywords.

  12. URL contains upper case characters

    Url with mixed case characters that use non standard writing practices.
    This can cause of o duplicate content, a loss of link juice to the right keyword and wasted crawl budget.

  13. H1 tag is missing

    H1 tags optimizations are important for seo. missing H1 tags are cause to wrong optimization and this can prevent pages in raking for targeted keywords.

  14. Has one or more outgoing followed links with non descriptive anchor text

    Links to external outgoing links have Anchor text like “click here’, go’, ‘here’, ‘view’, ” that is not using proper descriptive text.
    this issue can cause unnatural outgoing link penalty from google team.

  15. Images with missing alt text

    Most common known issue images are uploaded with any descriptive alt text.
    this can cause of no ranking for images and missing ton of potential traffic from image searches , specifically for ecom sites.

  16. Canonical points to homepage

    Any near duplicate or development pages like /home /homepage or /new that page is used to duplicate homepage and left like that can cause to confuse crawlers and drop ranking for main version of page.

  17. Internal redirected URLs

    Url that is removed or updated for so many reasons but after that not looked and other link resources / pages to update those existing internal links to new version of link.

  18. Redirected page resource URLs

    Resources url like css, js or any other script that is moved from pages to a redirect location. but not updated new resources url .
    this can cause of wrong rending in web page/ content or slow down page load time.

  19. Meta description is missing

    Meta description is considered very important in Search Engine Optimization. if meta description is not set . this can cause of low ranking for that particular pages.

  20. Meta description length too long

    Too much characters in meta title can cause wrong optimization and lower ranking on that particular pages in search engine result pages.

  21. Title tag length too long

    Too much characters in title tag is indication of wrong optimization, this can causes lower ranking of that particular page.

  22. Multiple tags

    Having multiple H1 title tag on a page is bad representation of content structure and optimization. this can work agents website and harm search engine visibility.

  23. Title tag length too short

    This is also most common seo issues that we have seen, page title like service, about, contact , etc . like pages have non descriptive title that is sign of poor seo optimization and badly impact on ranking and CTR rate of pages. meta title

  24. Meta description length too short

    Another most common seo issues that we have seen, page meta description like service, about, contact , etc . like pages have non descriptive description that is sign of poor seo optimization and badly impact on ranking and CTR rate of pages.meta description

Looks like a lot ?

This is what makes us super nerdy about search engine optimization. we have done 100’s of projects that derived ton of traffic and business for our client business and of-course for ourselves.

Almost 4.66 billion internet users attracted most of small/medium/big business and competition is getting skyrocket. So, your business can do only well online if your website is optimized far-far better than just normal websites. that’s what we specialized in doing.

we not do just basic seo or old age seo like simply doing backlink building and basic seo stuffs. our methods are well proven on 100’s of business and developed for new era of Search engine optimization.

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niranjan kumar

Data-driven marketer with online marketing experience and a track record of generating profit, particularly at mid-size, growth companies and smaller, resource-constrained startups.

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