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Why Do You Need a Cannabis Digital Marketing Agency?

Today any business needs a good SEO or search engine optimization to succeed in the online world and your cannabis business is no different. 

As the legalization of marijuana and derivatives takes full swing around the world and in the United States especially, more and more cannabis businesses, dispensaries and deliveries open shop. 

Almost all of these businesses use SEO to stand out and if you want your marijuana business to do the same, you need to step up your cannabis SEO in 2021.

By partnering with our Michigan cannabis digital marketing agency for marijuana dispensaries, deliveries, doctors, CBD and more, you can expect a much easier path towards:

  1. More customers

People are much more likely to buy your marijuana products or services IF they can find you online.  Stop hiding like a teenager with a joint from their parents and enjoy a steady stream of returning and new buyers to your cannabis website every day.

  1. Build more search traffic

Do people even Google you? What do they see? Is your website easy to find or hard? With our cannabis marketing SEO, you’ll be able to rank higher in Google and your potential buyers will have a much easier time finding you online (which also means an easier time buying your products or services from you, so it’s a win-win situation).

  1. Increase your revenue

Before dropping by at your local cannabis dispensary, most people will first check out your website. What happens if they are unable to find you on the first page of the search engine rankings? They won’t look further for you and you’ve essentially missed an opportunity to have them in your local dispensary. Don’t miss that opportunity and instead make sure you are on the first page when a potential customer is searching for a local SEO cannabis business in Michigan.

A Forward-Looking Cannabis SEO Agency

As marijuana has become legal for medical and recreational use in most states in the US, many try to jump the cannabis business wagon.

Unfortunately, they often lack either the full understanding of how SEO for cannabis delivery works, or don’t know enough about the cannabis regulations in their state.

Marijuana is legal in Michigan for both medical and recreational use since the state passed the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act in 2008 (that’s not a typo, marijuana is commonly referred to as “marihuana” in the state of Michigan).

This made Michigan the 13th state in America to legalize marijuana for medical use and in 2018, the state passed Proposal 1 and thus became only the 10th state to legalize marijuana for recreational use. And also the first in the Midwest.

Under Proposal 1, adults of 21 years of age or older are legally allowed to possess a maximum of 10 ounces of cannabis in their home, or up to 2.5 ounces when outside of their home.

In addition, they can also cultivate up to 12 cannabis plants in their home and up to 15 grams of cannabis concentrate.

How do We Do SEO for the Cannabis Industry?

Search engine optimization allows your website to gain traffic from search engines like Google by creating content that ranks high. In order to accomplish that, our cannabis digital marketing agency conducts extensive keyword research to find the best and most searched short and long-tail keywords for your marijuana business and demographic. 

Based on those keywords and key terms, we then then tailor-make top notch content for your website and promote it using high quality backlinks.

Ranking your content and site high in search engines is not an overnight process though. It takes time to see results from your cannabis marketing SEO. For instance, if you already have an established business, you can expect to see your cannabis business on the first page of search engine rankings in about 1-3 months, whereas for new websites, that will take a bit longer, usually from 3 to 6 months.

And no, we can’t “trick” search engines. We only use white-hat SEO techniques to build your traffic.

Looking for a Michigan cannabis digital marketing agency? Try us out and see your local marijuana business gains more online traffic, customers and revenue.

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Niranjan Kumar

Niranjan Kumar

Data-driven marketer with online marketing experience and a track record of generating profit, particularly at mid-size, growth companies and smaller, resource-constrained startups.

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