Top 20 Cannabis Business Social Networks to be on in 2021

Cannabis Business Social Networks

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Looking for a cannabis business social network to connect with other cannabis businesses, dispensaries, growers, or users? Maybe a dating site like Tinder, but just for hemp enthusiasts?

We got you covered with the top 25 cannabis business social networks, online forums, dating sites and more that you can check out.

  1. Grow Diaries

If you’re looking for a place where you can get advice from the best cannabis growers and compare your yield with others or information about different strands, Grow Diaries is probably the best place to get to.

For a novice cannabis grower, the advice you can get from veterans at Grow Diaries is simply indispensable as it can help you avoid some mistakes that beginners make when they first start growing marijuana.

  1. Weedable

For those seeking an active social network consisting of cannabis businesses, growers and users, Weedable is a great choice that allows you to ask for and share advice on the best way to grow cannabis.

Want to post your plant? You can do that as well. Finally, if you’re interested in buying, you can do so safely and browse without leaving the website and to make things better, they are soon launching a mobile app.

  1. LeafWire

LeafWire is like a LinkedIn for cannabis companies and professionals. Here, you can connect with other cannabis pros, find investors for your budding business, or look for partners.

In addition to interacting with a community of over 25,000 and growing, you can also catch up on the latest in the cannabis industry.

  1. MJLink

Being one of the largest cannabis business social networks, MJLink is worth visiting. If not for engaging with the cannabis community or connecting with other businesses and professionals, then for its wide-range network of services, that is tailor-made for the industry and includes everything from extraction and distribution services to accounting and insurance.

  1. WeedLife

Combined with the previous entry on this list, MJLink, which is its social network for businesses, WeedLife has more than 2.5 million monthly users. That’s a pretty good number for a network that only caters to cannabis professionals and enthusiasts.

If you want to find what cannabis stores are available (if any) in your area, you can do so with WeedLife, as well as follow the latest news and engage with others in your cannabis community.

  1. Grasscity Forums

Grasscity Forums is another great place where you can seek advice about growing, straining and even smoking cannabis from other marijuana-lovers.

Started as a simple MJ growing forum, Grasscity Forums quickly grew into one of the top cannabis online forums with an amazing database and a great place to find your local hemp store.

  1. 420 Singles

Tired of matching and mismatching on Tinder? How about a hookup app just for marijuana and hashish singles? That’s exactly what 420 Singles is.

Just download the app for free on your phone, create a profile (don’t forget to wear your “I like hemp” t-shirt for the photo) and start swiping. And, just like Tinder, if you match, you can message the other person. Unlike Tinder, at least you know one thing that you and the other person have in common – you both love marijuana or hashish.

  1. 420 Magazine

420 Singles is actually just a small part of a much larger 420 Magazine family, that also includes a community forum for you to discuss about marijuana from flower to reefer.

In addition to an active online forum of 250K+ registered members and 100K+ active daily visitors, you can also check 420 Magazine for the latest cannabis news, read expert science and medical articles about marijuana, or join in pro-cannabis activism.

  1.  CannaSoS

With over 328,000 members, CannaSoS is one of the biggest and most active social media networks for cannabis aficionados.

Check it out if you’re looking for advice on how to set up your grow tent, pick the best strand, or just the best way to keep your plant out of sight of that nagging neighbor that still hasn’t heard cannabis is legal in your town.

  1. MassRoots

MassRoots started out as a social network created by two college students in 2013 and is today one of the biggest of its kind in the industry.

Here you can post your Instagram-styled cannabis and cannabis-themed photos and join millions of others in the community via both desktop and mobile (they have both Android and iOS apps).

  1. The WeedTube

Can’t find what you’re looking for about the weed on YouTube? No worries, try The WeedTube for every kind of cannabis-related video from how to grow and harvest your CBD outdoors to weed reviews and activism and legalization videos.

  1. High There

High There is another cannabis-themed social meeting app. Unlike other Tinder-like cannabis apps, on this list, you don’t go to High There to look for dates (although it can turn into that if you want).

Instead, High There matches you with potential smoking buddies near you. Just two people enjoying some weed.

  1. Smoke Network

Smoke Network is the first-ever, decentralized, blockchain-powered cannabis network where you can earn and trade in “Smoke Coins” (which is Smoke Network’s Bitcoin equivalent).

The platform is free to join and you can create your profile for free and connect with other users or engage with customers, advertise and promote your product if you’re a business.

  1. WeedMaps

WeedMaps is one of the best places on the Internet to go to if you want to know where the closest legal marijuana dispenser is, find a delivery service, or are looking for the best deals.

In addition, you can also get great info on the different strains of marijuana, read the news and check out some product reviews, while also promoting your own cannabis business.

  1. Bud Hubz

If you like the search-and-discovery social media platform FourSquare and also like cannabis, then BudHubz is a place you definitely need to check out.

Here, you can find everything from the nearest dispensary to online cannabis doctors as well as connect with other users and get recommendations for what you’re looking for.

  1. MJ Mary Jane

Yup, it’s a Pinterest for weed and weed-related stuff.

And just like your regular Pinterest, you can post your weed photos, videos as well as recipes, follow other MJ pinners, rate their pins and bookmark what you like, like you would with Pinterest.

  1. Duby

Where other cannabis business social networks and the like on this list were nothing more than seeds in their creator’s minds, Duby was around when cannabis was still illegal in most states and you could get in actual trouble just talking about it. Duby stayed true to this as even to this day it protects your identity.

Today, Duby has an active community of around a hundred thousand, mostly business users, who can use the Android and iOS apps to connect. 

18. Smoke-Indica

Smoke-Indica is a user-generated site for a decentralized cannabis social network, which runs on the Smoke blockchain.

You can create your own cannabis-related content, or check out some posts from other users. The network has a very active community here and new content is generated every day. Plus, you can trade your Smoke through the Bitshares DEX and convert it to Smoke Power. 

19. Reddit

Okay, we might be cheating a bit with this one (and the next one), but really, if you’re looking for an active online community where you can talk about anything from anime to zombies, including kush, you can find a subreddit for it.

Check out some of these subreddits for your daily “hit”:

20. LinkedIn

LinkedIn, as you already know, is a business social network where you can connect with other professionals in your industry. 

So no surprise that you can use it to connect with professionals, businesses and entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry. Just keep in mind that cannabis is still illegal in many parts of the world.

Did you find what you were looking for? Or maybe you know of a cannabis business social network that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments below.

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